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Some of our customers :

Peter Jackson's Weta Digital
Jim Henson Studios
Will Vinton/Laika
MacGuf Ligne
Sony Pictures Imagworks
Stan Winston Studios
Digital Domain
Prime Focus

Robert Zemeckis's IMD
Scanline Pictures
Microsoft Games
Square Enix
Sony Games
Square Enix

National Institute of Health
Lawrence Livermore
Electronic Arts
Steve Oedekirk's O pictures
The Mill
Double Negative
Phil Tippit Studios
Giovani Rabisi (what?)


Shave 8.0 Now Available for Maya 2012 2013 2013.5 2014/ Linux, Windows and OSX. We currently support Mentalray, Pixar's RMS, Arnold, 3Delight, Maxwell, and Vray for Maya.

Barnyard, Beware the Lorax, Charlie's Angels II, Charlottes Web, Coroline, Despicable Me, Dr. Who, Dream Keepers, Exorcist: The Beginning, Halflife 2, Hellboy, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, Hop, Into The West, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, King Kong, The Lorax, Moon Girl, Pirates of the Caribbean : World's End, Sin City, Space Chimps, The Magic Roundabout, Ultraviolet, The Tinkerbelle Movie,Underworld : Awakening, Underworld : Rise of the Lycans, Underworld Evolutions, Up, When Animals Attack, XMEN-2,300

“A work of genius”
-3D World Magazine

“Trumps Alias's own fur solution”
Computer Graphics World

"Overall, Shave and a Haircut 4 has been vastly improved and kicks Maya Fur in the metaphorical groin"

Gary Noden
3D World July 2006 - rating 9/10

"We think your software is really cool. We can do incredible things with it that we wouldn't have dared to do before. Nice Work!"
David Ostler
Weta Digital

”Shave is a breeze to use .. it's saved our skin several times.”

Hugues Giboire
Just Add Monsters

“Shave and a Haircut 2 has made creating and rendering CG hair an absolute pleasure for us, both on past projects and our current show Hellboy . It's entire range of hair-based effects from scraggly beards to full length hair, come out looking beautiful with surprisingly minimal render times. Shave will remain an integral part of our digital double production pipeline for many projects to come.”
Kevin Ballie
The Orphanage

“Shave did an awesome job in helping us create the hair for Mystique's transformations in X-Men 2. No other option came close to the realism and versatility of Shave and a Haircut. It's fast, powerful, and super easy to use”
Erik Paynter

"Shave is an excellent solution for very realistic hair"
Darren Pattenden
Electronic Arts

“Iiii hate computers.”
Matt Hendershott








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